About Us

Ryan Carlisle

/ Principal

Shannon McPhee

/ Principal

Leah Kent

/ Contracts Administrator

Jason Marion

/ Senior Project Manager

Alan Patrick

/ Project Manager

Jaci McIssac

/ Estimator / Project Manager

Miles Johnson

/ Project Manager

Madeline Paden

/ HR Administrator

Robby Miller

/ Safety Director

Peter Gengler

/ General Superintendent

Aaron Carlson

/ Superintendent

Jairus Colyer

/ Superintendent

Ray Shoemaker

/ Superintendent

Taus Casswell

/ Superintendent

Tyson Neland

/ Superintendent

Tony Adams

/ Superintedent

Tyler Voyles

/ Superintendent

At the core of Western Ventures are our employees. They are our single greatest asset and the reason for our strong reputation, turning each opportunity into another success. Their knowledge and expertise allows you an efficiently managed venture, with a team upon which you can depend and trust.

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